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Benefits of sending customers Christmas cards

Christmas isn’t far off now and it’s good to celebrate festive periods by wishing your customers well, sending them branded Christmas cards would be beneficial for reminding them of your business, while also showing your customers that you’re making an effort and thinking of them.

Benefits of sending customers Christmas cards


Brand awareness

The first benefit and depending on the type of card you wish to send over to your customers would be the benefit of sending them a branded Christmas card. Using your brand design, logo, typography and so on would be effective for helping to remind your customers of your brand and business, while also standing out to visitors they may have round in the festive season.

Creating a card with your branding but with a twist for a Christmas theme would be an effective way to go about the card design, compared to sending a normal Christmas card, that anyone could’ve sent etc.



I feel it would look better if the cards were handwritten to each customer to help add that extra bit of personalisation and effort. But if not, that still won’t take away from the fact that you’ve taken the time to send out a card to them, wishing them well over the festive period.

Another suggestion would be in add more to the presentation in which you’d send out your cards, putting them in a branded envelope would not only help your customers recognise who you are, it will also help with adding more of a professional appearance.


If you’re interested in using branded envelopes for letters or your Christmas cards, check out our options and prices on our envelopes page.



It’s a great opportunity to offer them promotional items with their card or even include special offers and discount codes within the card, for that specific customer or just for the festive period in general.



It also gives you the opportunity to advertise any new products, whether limited edition for the festive period or new products that will be on sale for the new year. It also gives you the opportunity to mention if there are any sales events for Boxing day or the New Years that may be of interest to your specific customers.

If they put your Christmas card up, it also serves as an advertisement to everyone who visits your customers and sees your card. So, make sure to add your branding and make sure the overall design stands out.


Printed or digital?

Depending on your business and how many customers or clients you want to wish well, you could always use the option to send them an email. Though sending them a physical Christmas card that they could keep and put up with the rest of their cards could be more sentimental for them and more beneficial for your business in terms of brand recognition etc.


Want to send a Season’s Greetings to your customers? Then why not send them a Christmas card, check out our Christmas cards page for options and prices!

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