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Different types of Print Media

Print advertising can be a beneficial choice for promoting your business. There are many ways in which you can use print media, from direct mail to advertising in newspapers. Let’s look at some of the different types of print media you could use to advertise your business.

Different types of Print Media


Direct mail

Direct mail is commonly used by businesses when targeting a specific audience type that they either want to use their business or who would most likely purchase from their business. There are a few common products that are used for direct mail, which means that the product is sent directly to the customers by post. Here are some of the products most likely used for direct mail advertising:

• Leaflets

• Business cards

• Brochures

• Postcards



Depending on what you wish to advertise and what your target audience requires, then small businesses who want to attract more local custom would most likely benefit from posting an advertisement in their local newspaper.



Magazine advertisements can be beneficial for reaching a wide variety of potential customers if done effectively. For example, if you’re advertising print related items then design, Business, photography and other subject type magazines that can relate to print or what your business is based on, will help with attracting many more customer types to check out your business.


Outdoor advertisements

Outdoor print advertising can come in many forms from posters, banners to billboards. Outdoor advertisements are commonly used to catch the attention of people passing by. Most outdoor advertisements for example billboards have bold, eye-catching fonts or images and more commonly have very minimal information, which seems obvious as it could be difficult to read for people passing by and most people don’t stand still to look at billboards, they’re more likely to glance as they pass by. So, having a bold memorable design for any type of outdoor advertisement is a great way of reminding people who pass on a daily basis of what your business has to offer, leading to potential business and new customers.



There are many ways in which you can use print media to advertise your business. For it to be successful it will depend on what your business has to offer and which type of media you choose to suit your type of preferred target audience etc. It also depends on what your budget is and whether you want to reach a small targeted audience or a wide range of potential customers.


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