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Perfect Palette’s for Autumn

As a new season looms over the horizon, let’s take a look at some colour palette’s you may like to use in your latest designs and prints!

Perfect Palette’s for Autumn

Autumn is such a beautiful season. The warm colours contrast beautifully with Britain’s typical wetness after all! It’s just so pretty to look at, with their vibrant and welcoming look. Mid-Autumn, where leaves are becoming brown-orange-yellow yet still on their branches, is always a wonderful sight to behold, as are the paths and roads flanked by a river of them.

Inspiration is a big part of life, especially in design. Let’s look at how Autumn’s unique beauty can inspire you, from marketing campaigns to a temporary re-design for your brand.


Deep Oranges

A typical Autumn colour, orange is associated with many warm elements, from a sunset to the falling leaves. A perfect contrast to the cold, wet weather we’re used to. Even just lighting a candle for its orange glow can make a room feel warmer in the colder seasons.

It’s the perfect choice for an Autumn theme, so here some pre-dominantly orange palettes we chose:

Beauty in Browns

Brown is everywhere in nature, from the bark of a tree, the texture of mud, and the crisp leaves of our favourite season! These colours look natural in addition to evoking a less modern and more “vintage” feel, thanks to the move away from natural materials to more synthetic items.

We feel a brown would work well in any warm palette, especially if paired with a natural green or (in this case) a mix of oranges and yellows:


Dashing Reds

A fiery addition to any palette, a touch of a subdued red in an Autumn theme feels right. It’ll match how the colouration of leaves can vary between each other, and contrast well against the typical wetness of Autumn with such a bright colour:


The Cool Side of Warmth

Autumn isn’t all warm, comforting visuals, though! There’s the wetness, the drop in temperature, and the steady progression into winter to contend with. A saturated cool/neutral colour such as a shade of white or a hint of blue can be a good way to represent this, or be used to contrast against the other colours:


Altogether Now

A focused palette is a nice palette, but these colours would work well together! Orange and red are a classic combination, and with their fellow warm colour brown make for a good Autumn set.

Even adding in the cool colours would work well, making a nice contrast. Light blues for water, or a shade of grey for an overcast sky says “classic British Autumn” to me! A darker colour, such as an almost-black brown would fit in as a show of the muddy environment which will surely follow too.



We hope this small mix of colours inspires you for your next designs. Need any more help, though? Just let us know!

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