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Print marketing tips for your Business's grand opening

There are multiple ways in which you could gain attention and customers for the grand opening of your shop, from online marketing processes to print marketing. For this post, we will be focusing on options and tips surrounding print advertising.

 Print marketing tips for your Business's grand opening



One effective idea being posters, just make sure depending on the locations in which you want to put them up that you have permission to do so. Putting up posters in the surrounding areas near your shop could help with attracting attention to your grand opening and shop in general. Make sure to create a design that will catch your target markets attention, while giving a clear representation of what your business is about.



With your leaflets try to keep a consistent design throughout all your marketing materials to create a professional look. Leaflets can be handed out to members of the public as they pass by, or posted to neighbors who live in the surrounding areas near your shop. Handing out coupons for free drinks or promotional products depending on your business type could be another good option to think about.



If there are certain friends, family or potential customers that you would like to come to your grand opening, sending them a good quality invite could be a nice gesture and would show the effort you have put in, which could influence them to come down and check out what your business has to offer.


Menus/product sheets

If your new shop is a café, restaurant or takeaway, make sure to have both eat in and takeaway menus, so your customers can look through what you have to offer at their own leisure and can take away your menus to remind them of your business for future visits.

If you sell products in your shop, having a small catalogue or product sheet with what items you sell and descriptions with each one could be effective for gaining more custom, while also advertising your range of products to help remind them of what you have to offer.


Other potential print products to use when promoting your new business:



Business cards


Branded cups



If any of these products seem of interest to you while promoting your business and you would like to check out more of the range of products we offer, then check out our website! -

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