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The cost of bad customer service for your Business

Good customer service should be one of your business’s top priorities, to show them that you care about their process from start to finish when dealing with your business. Bad customer service can have a negative impact on your business and how it is perceived by others. Here’s are a few points that bad customer service can have an impact on.

 The cost of bad customer service for your Business


Current and potential customers

Poor customer service can bring a negative point of view to customers. Customers who feel they’ve been dealt with in a negative way are less likely to recommend you to others and in most cases, tell them to avoid using your business, if they’re really unhappy with their experience. It only takes one case of bad customer service for a customer to not want to use your business again, to cause potential future struggles when trying to gain customers.



As stated in the previous paragraph, customers will tell others about their negative experience when dealing with your business, this can greatly damage your reputation and cause other potential customers to possibly avoid using your business on the basis of someone else’s experience. Also, negative reviews can be made online that can be viewed by a lot of potential customers. So, good customer service is key when showing others that you want to help whenever possible and that your business is reliable.



If there has been a continuation of low customer service from your business it can have a negative impact on your reputation and therefore can cause loyal and potential customers to go elsewhere, meaning not only will you lose profit it will also cost you more when trying to gain back your past or new customers, as more money would be spent on trying to raise your reputation and also with trying to gain new customers through more extensive marketing.



Your current customers might be tempted to go to your competitors instead, especially if they have used them before and find their experience when dealing with them more reliable, effective and overall friendlier, than when they’ve dealt with yours on previous occasions. Also, nearly every potential customer is likely to check for reviews of your business beforehand, so if you have quite a few negative reviews and your competitors have more positive reviews this will greatly influence them to choose your competitors.


Other points

• The cost of retaining current customers is cheaper than trying to gain new ones.


• Respond back to negative reviews, ignoring them will most likely make it worse, show customers that you’re sorry for the experience that they’ve had and that you’re going to work on those issues. Resolving complaints can also convince customers to continue to use your business if they were tempted to use another.


• Working on points such as improving your responsiveness, answering questions or offering advice, even if you feel they’re minor questions to ask, the customer will see them as important and your customer should be the priority. Overall making sure to help customers whenever they need it in a quick and friendly manner, will help with creating positive views of your business.


• Even if the product or service sold was of high quality, customers can still have negative views if they’ve received poor customer service.

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