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The importance of brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are important for helping to create a strong and consistent brand image. Helping designers, content writers and anyone else who's using your brand information and imagery, e.g. logo for marketing purposes, to help represent your brand and business how you want.

The importance of brand guidelines


Brand consistency

Setting out the do’s and don’ts of how to represent your brand whether through, imagery and the overall design style used, written content, brand values and promises, as well as how you come across to other businesses and customers, are all important factors to include in order for employees and anyone else involved in representing your brand and business, to know what’s expected of them in order to keep the perception of your brand consistent and well represented.


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are important for keeping a good, consistent and therefore trustworthy viewpoint from customers and other businesses who may deal with or work with your business, as anyone who produces work for you will have a clear idea of what your brand is about etc.


Other points

• Brand guidelines help new employees gain a better understanding of your brand, as well as being able to give them guidance on how to represent your brand properly, according to the guidelines you’ve set. While also working towards brand goals.


• Brand guidelines can help designers when creating new marketing content, with your style guide, for example, the colour palette used, the logo style, typography used and so on, can help them create the right type of design you want. Compared to leaving them to create a design on their own, which they would then most likely design your content in their own style, which would then not link with your brand consistency. So, providing guidelines for your designer or a designer you may hire for a certain project is important for helping them to understand your brand and design needs etc.


• Brand guidelines also help writers and employees-in-general to help set and keep the tone whether vocally or written the same, for example how you come across to customers if professional on the phone, it is important to keep the same perspective through email etc.



These are just a few of the points as to why it is important to provide employees and others with brand guidelines. Brand guidelines help others to see what you expect from them when representing your business whether vocally or visually helping to keep the overall representation consistent.


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