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Ways of expanding your small business

Expanding your small business should be done with careful planning and strategies put in place, as there are many points to think about as you expand your business. Here are a few of those points.

Ways of expanding your small business


Online sales

If you don’t offer your customers the option to purchase your products online, this could be one step to take in order to expand your business, while upping your chances of gaining more customers and purchases. Offering your products on your website could be beneficial for driving more sales, as many people prefer to purchase online compared to going to a store. This is also an important step if your target market is focused on other businesses and work people alike who may have hectic and very busy work schedules.


Add new products/services

Adding new products or services to your already existing range can help with keeping current customers interested while attracting possible new ones. Where possible, adding new products or making your current ones better, is always an effective move for helping to develop and expand your business.


Other customer markets?

Many businesses only have one target market focus and generally stick with that one, unless they have a change of direction within their business. Think of the possibility that other customer types may benefit or have interest in the products and services that you sell, to do this think about creating email surveys or reaching out to others through your social media pages to get an idea of if there are any other customer types that you could also market your business to.


Encourage existing customers

Think of ways in which you could encourage existing customers to become loyal ones, while also recommending your business to other potential customers. Examples like introducing loyalty programmes could be a beneficial option, as the thought of expanding your business could also be down to having a good list of current customers built up. Encouraging them to become loyal can be beneficial when expanding your business.


New location?

Do you require more space for new employees, is there a location that would be perfect for gaining more of your target markets custom and attention? This step though is a very important step and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Lots of planning and thought is needed before your final decision. Could you afford the costs of a second or new office/store for your business? Are a lot of other competitors within that area that you wish to locate to? Think of every aspect possible before purchasing a new office or store.



These are just a few of the ways in which you can help expand your business. There are many other ways in which you can work towards expanding your business while gaining more response from your target market.


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