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What small businesses need to know about their customers

Knowing your customers and their needs and preferences are important for gaining regular custom, while also showing them why they should use your business over your competitors and that you can meet their needs etc.

What small businesses need to know about their customers


Know your customers

You need to know what your customers want from your products or services. What quality they want, especially when compared to the pricing of the products. Why they buy the products you sell and how they benefit from them. Knowing your customers and why they purchase what you and your competitors sell is important for knowing how to gain a competitive edge, while keeping customers happy and interested.


Their needs

You need to know why they’re purchasing your products in the first place and how they benefit from them, in order to help highlight the benefits when advertising your products. So that you can help increase the chances of more future purchases from your customers.


What they expect

What your customers expect of your products and from your business in the process is very important for keeping good customer relationships, while also helping to increase the chances of your happy customers referring your business to other customers. While also sticking with your business for future purchases over going to a competitor.


Your competitors

Check out how your competitors attract your target market. Do you have any other unique aspects of your business that’d help you stand out when compared to competitors’ businesses? Are their prices better? Is the quality of their products good or bad? Find out how your business could benefit your target market more than your competitors and highlight those strengths to gain your customers attention and custom.



These are just a few of the quick and basic points of what and why small businesses need to know about their customer’s needs and preferences, in order to gain more custom and recognition, which would then help towards expanding their business in time.

Asking your customers for feedback on your services and products or asking them to fill out a short questionnaire, are two simple and effective ways of finding out what your customers think of your business and whether you need to improve any aspects of your business for their benefits and encouragement to use your business again.

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