Covid-19 Support

  1. Vinyl Floor Graphics
    Vinyl Floor Graphics

    The Vinyl Floor Graphics are distinctive signage and can be cut to a custom shape. They are suitable for any type of flooring and they are resistant to water and cleaning products.

  2. Social Distancing Stencils
    Social Distancing Stencils

    Our Social Distancing Stencils come in two sizes: 600 x 600mm and 272 x 272mm. They are a great way to remind ourselves and others to remain 2m apart while adjusting our behaviour to reduce the spread of COVID-19. They can be used to paint Social Distancing markings directly to slabs, concrete, tarmac and asphalt.

    Number in Each Pack: Four

  3. Social Distancing Floor Tape
    Social Distancing Floor Tape

    An essential floor marking tape for all public environments where social distancing is of paramount importance and being enforced. Laminated with clear tape to provide environmental protection and wear protection for floor marking. Easily removed when required.

  4. COVID Essentials Pack
    COVID Essentials Pack

    1 Box is Suitable for 1 Person. Contains: 1 60ml Bottle of Hand Sanitiser, 2 Pairs of Latex Powder Free Nitrile Gloves, 2 KN95 Respirator Masks with a Breathing Valve and 2 3ply Disposable Surgical Masks.

  5. Coronavirus Banners
    Coronavirus Banners

    Pull Up Roller Banners are an important way to convey information about Coronavirus and preventing the spread.

  6. Coronavirus Posters
    Coronavirus Posters

    Posters are an integral part of any marketing strategy. They are an effective and inexpensive method for promoting a business or brand. We offer two different runs: Short Run, for any quantity that is 15 or less and Long Run, for any quantity over 25.

    Our Posters come in 4 sizes on 3 different stocks. They are available in the following sizes: A0, A1, A2 and A3. They are available on the following stocks: 135gsm, 170gsm and 250gsm.

  7. Coronavirus A-Frames
    Coronavirus A-Frames

    A-Frames are another way to convey important information about the coronavirus and how to prevent the spread.

  8. Countertop Guards
    Countertop Guards

    Made out of a 6mm Thick Correx Board, they come at a size of 600mm x 900mm.

  9. PVC Protective Aprons
    PVC Protective Aprons

    Protective PVC aprons from Print Chain are addressing the shortage of protective products. Provide vital protection for frontline workers, medical professionals, and carers.

    Present clear messages on our PVC aprons to patients while offering an additional layer of safeguarding. Constructed from a wipe-clean PVC material and complete with secure fastening strap for easy sizing adjustment.

  10. Latex Nitrile Gloves
    Latex Nitrile Gloves

    Latex Powder Free Nitrile Gloves, available in sizes Small, Medium and XL

  11. Crowd Management
    Crowd Management

    Our Crowd Management kits come in 5 different variants, they also come in Adfresco Satin Black. We offer 3 different sizes for all the variants, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm

  12. Hand Sanitiser
    Hand Sanitiser

    Clear and low viscosity hand sanitisation liquid, with 75% Alcohol. A density (at 25ºC) of 0.820 to 0.900 g/ml and a pH of 6.5 to 7.5.

    Alcohol Denat., Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Aqua

  13. Disposable Aprons
    Disposable Aprons

    Reusable/wipeable and Disposable Aprons

  14. Antiviral Copper Tape Shieldex®
    Antiviral Copper Tape Shieldex®

    Save yourself with the disinfection of grip surfaces: the Antiviral Copper Tape Shieldex® does this. Simply glue the pre-cut cuts of the copper tapes around door handles, window handles, handrails or handles of shopping trolleys. The tape makes 99.98% of all viruses harmless and does not have to be disinfected after sticking on. You also do not give the chance of spreading bacteria.

  15. Portable Dividing Walls
    Portable Dividing Walls

    Available in 3 sizes, our Portable Dividing Walls are an effective way to reduce the probability of infections between customers and are easy to assemble.

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