Antiviral Copper Tape Shieldex®

Antiviral Copper Tape Shieldex®

Save yourself with the disinfection of grip surfaces: the Antiviral Copper Tape Shieldex® does this. Simply glue the pre-cut cuts of the copper tapes around door handles, window handles, handrails or handles of shopping trolleys. The tape makes 99.98% of all viruses harmless and does not have to be disinfected after sticking on. You also do not give the chance of spreading bacteria.

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Shieldex® Tape
Shieldex® Tape

Antiviral Copper Tape Shieldex®

  • • Copper tape for grip areas, e.g. B. for door handles, window handles, shopping trolleys, etc.
  • • Makes 99.98% of all viruses harmless.
  • • Also significantly reduces the survival time of bacteria and fungi (antibacterial and fungicidal).
  • • Self-adhesive and self-disinfecting.
  • • Prefabricated cuts (8 x 10 cm).
  • • Available from 10 pieces.
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