Compliment Slips

Compliment Slips are ideal when it comes to writing quick messages and feedback for customers. They are discreet and lightweight; they can also include business details and your company logo. (Or anything else you wish to include). Compliment Slips can be included in Sample Packs & Letters so you can write a personal message, this will allow you to engage with your customers and give your company a positive image. They are the perfect print option because they are a nice addition to any company stationary you currently have, and they will always have a use.

  1. Single Sided
    Single Sided

    The 100gsm, single sided compliment slips are an amazing personal touch to any sample packs/deliveries you may send. The blank reverse-side can be used to make notes or just as a convenient way to stick the slip to boxes and parcels. The 120gsm, single sided compliment slips are thicker and feel heavier, giving them an expensive-feeling finish and ensuring damage will never be an issue.

  2. Double Sided
    Double Sided

    100gsm, double sided compliment slips have the benefit of having a design on both sides which allows for more artistic freedom in your design! A 120gsm, double sided version is available, which will look and feel professional as the design carries onto the back and the thicker paper gives it a satisfying finish.

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