LED Light Boxes

  1. Lockable LEDbox
    Lockable LEDbox Our Lockable LEDboxes are very suitable for use outdoors as they are weatherproof. The front opening snap frame is easily changed. It is suitable for either portrait or landscape use. They come in 3 different sizes, A0, 30x40in and 40x60in.
  2. Best Buy LEDbox
    Best Buy LEDbox The Best Buy LEDBoxes are perfect for use indoors. They can be either single or double sided. They come in various sizes, A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4.
  3. Edgelit XT
    Edgelit XT The Edgelit XT is our Thinnest Light Box. The Snapframe is very easily interchangeable. We offer them Single Sided and also Double Sided. The sizes we offer for the Edgelit XT are, A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4.
  4. LED Power Supply
    LED Power Supply Our LED Power Supply is 12 volt/6 amp and is used for the Edgelit XL and the Best Buy LEDBox.
  5. Weatherproof Extension Cables for LED Boxes
    Weatherproof Extension Cables for LED Boxes The Weatherproof Extension Cables are 3 metres long and suitable for use with the Lockable LEDBox.

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