Branded Confectionary

We Sell Various Types of Printed Confectionary such as Sweets, Sugar, Biscuits and Chocolate. All of Which can be Printed and are an Excellent Promotional Product.

  1. Gummy Sweets
    Gummy Sweets

    We Offer Two Types of Gummy Sweets. Gummy Bears and also Vegan Gummy Bears, Both Come in 10g Bags.

  2. Sugars

    We offer Two Types of Sugars. Sugar Sticks and Sugar Sachets.

  3. Sweets

    We offer Two Types of Sweets. Sweets Tins and Sweets Packs.

  4. Biscuits

    We offer Two Types of Biscuits. Stereo Biscuits and Spoon Shaped Biscuits.

  5. Chocolate

    We offer Various Different Types of Chocolate. Such as, Chocolate Tablets, Mini Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Hearts, Chocolate Business Cards and Chocolate Coins

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