Artwork Upload

Ready to send us your artwork?


Before you upload your files:

  • Make sure your artwork is in CMYK format (full colour). Any Pantone and RGB colours will automatically be converted to Full Colour CMYK.
  • Convert Fonts to Outlines (InDesign): Highlight your text, then go to ‘Type’ at the top of your document and select ‘Create Outlines’ in the drop down box.
  • If you are using InDesign, export your PDF as [PDF/x-1a:2001]… and then select ‘marks and bleeds’ and tick ‘crop marks’ and ‘use document bleed settings’ and press export.

If you are not sure if your artwork is print ready please call us and ask to be put through to studio. Unless Advanced artwork check is purchased, we cant accept liability for files not compliant with our Artwork Specification guide (click here). For more help and tips, visit Print Chain Design Hub


We‌ cannot‌ accept liability‌ for‌ 24h Delays.‌Couriers have‌ 1-3% delivery failure‌ rate.‌Our‌ production‌ fail‌ rate‌ is‌ 1%.‌If‌ this‌ is‌ a‌ time‌ sensitive‌ job,‌please‌ consider‌ using‌ a‌ faster‌ turnaround.


  • 1.‌Click‌ to‌ add‌ files‌ and‌ select‌ files‌ you‌ want‌ to‌ send‌ us
  • 2.‌Our‌ studio‌ email‌ address‌ will‌ automatically‌ be‌ typed‌ in
  • 3.‌Enter‌ your‌ email‌ address
  • 4.Enter‌ Your‌ Company‌ Name‌ in‌ the‌ comments‌ box
  • 5.‌Click‌ transfer
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